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Transformative NLP International

Transformative NLP International is an Internationally recognised NLP Training Institute based in India that provides NLP and New Code NLP Trainings worldwide.

Abhay Thakkar is the founder and lead NLP trainer of Transformative NLP International (T-NLP).
He is an Internationally Certified NLP and New Code NLP Trainer.

Abhay Thakkar is the first New Code NLP and NLP Trainer in India who provides both Internationally Certified NLP Trainings – NLP as well as New Code NLP Trainings in India, which are certified by co-creator of NLP – John Grinder and co-developers of New Code NLP – Michael Carroll and Carmen Bostic St Clair.

About Abhay Thakkar:

For over a decade, Abhay Thakkar is facilitating transformations in people’s lives who are having a desire to heal or enhance any aspect of personal or professional life.

Abhay Thakkar is passionately empowering individuals to connect themselves with their highest potential and to assist them to trust in their purpose of life so that they create, lead and live a fulfilling life contributing to and for themselves and the world.

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NLP Mentors:

Abhay has been personally mentored by:

NLP Trainer - Abhay with NLP co-founder - Frank Pucelik

Frank Pucelik & Abhay Thhakkar

Frank Pucelik: Co-Creator of NLP

Best NLP Trainer of India - Abhay Thhakkar with John Grinder and other International NLP Trainers

John Grinder & Abhay Thhakkar (group pic)

John Grinder: Co-Creator of NLP

Christina Hall with Abhay Thhakkar (NLP Trainer)

Christina Hall & Abhay Thhakkar

Christina Hall: Co-Developer of NLP

What are participants saying?

Marta Perez Kennedy - NLP Master Practitioner from Spain,
Attended NLP Training in Madrid, Spain

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Bharti Mishra - Psychologist,
Attended NLP Training in Delhi

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Shahanaz - Psychologist,
Attended NLP Training in Kerala

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Amit Yadav - NLP Master Practitioner,
Attended NLP Training in Mumbai

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Sophia Roilidou - International NLP Trainer from Greece,
Attended NLP Training in Madrid, Spain

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Beena Naik - Counsellor,
Attended NLP Training in Mumbai

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Experience and Learn


Experiencing Transformations through Games

Overcoming challenges by simply engaging in enjoyable activities such as playing New Code NLP Games!

Content-Free Healing

Experiencing a self-transformation even without sharing your issues.

Unleashing The Wisdom and Power of subconscious mind

By simply playing games

Accessing 'High Performance State'

Accessing powerful inner resources easily and thereby becoming more successful in life.

Learning Emotional State Management

Learning to respond rather than react.

Being Mindful of The Power of Words

Using words powerfully to influence personal and professional relationships.

Transformative NLP International (T-NLP) is the first International NLP Training Institute in India that provides both – New Code NLP & NLP Training Courses in India, which are certified by Grinder, Bostic & Carroll.

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Why attend
NLP Certification Training?

• What is your intention of doing what you are doing?
• Is attending self-development-based training such as NLP trainings important?

Transformative NLP International Trainings are known for being:

• Experiential
• Practical
• Emphasis on the application of NLP techniques, tools, concepts for each participant’s personal and professional life
• Self-Healing
• Experience Personal & Professional Transformation
• Become an Internationally Certified New Code NLP/NLP Practitioner

a lady with hands stretched out during Abhay's NLP course in Mumbai
John Grinder (NLP co-founder)

Choose your feelings or your feelings choose you.

“Problem is not the problem, the state in which you enter the problem is the problem that needs to be addressed”.
- John Grinder (co-creator of NLP & New Code NLP)

“Learning NLP enables you to create choices and possibilities in life…even when and where you thought there were none.”
– Abhay Thhakkar

International Trainers Academy (ITA)

• International Trainers Academy (ITA) is an International NLP and New Code NLP Trainings certifying body.

• Transformative NLP International (T-NLP) provides International NLP and New Code NLP Certification Trainings certified through International Trainers Academy (ITA).

Therefore, your certificate will carry the prestigious signature of co-creator of NLP – John Grinder, and co-developers of New Code NLP – Carmen Bostic and Michael Carroll.

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best NLP Trainer from India - Abhay Thhakkar

The Approach as an NLP Trainer:

While facilitating the NLP Trainings, Abhay Thakkar not only teaches but facilitates the teacher within a participant.

His approach is based on one of his invaluable learning which he gained from Christina Hall (co-developer of NLP) in her NLP Training in Spain, which is:

“Interact with others in ways that presuppose they inherently have all the resources to accomplish outcomes. And, you as trainer serve as a guide and facilitator to support them in the process of achieving what is meaningful in their lives.”

“Life doesn’t happen to you; Life happens for you.” – Tony Robbins

1. What is NLP?

“NLP is a methodology for – explicitly mapping and tracking human experience – for the purpose of modelling, communicating more effectively and creating changes.”
– Michael Carroll (co-developer of New Code NLP)

NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming: Neuro: Involvement of neurology in how we get programmed to live.

Linguistic: Impact that language has on our neurology and our life.

Programming: Programming is the set of thoughts, emotions and behaviours we do. As a result of our programming, we receive a response from the world around us. This is often reflected in our behaviours, the people we come across, the situations we find ourselves in and our responses to situations.

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When we do not achieve the results that we desire in our life, we are gifted with an opportunity to reprogram ourselves.
After all, if we keep doing what we always did, we keep getting what we always got.

Learning NLP/New Code NLP enables us to reprogram our life.

Each one of us deserves to lead a successful and fulfilling life. When there are techniques and tools available to do so, why not learn them?

"In life, you are given a bag of moments. You don’t know how many you have. Learning NLP is about maximizing those moments”
- Richard Bandler

Visit “What is NLP?” to know more.

2. How did NLP develop?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) began its life in the 1970s with the co-creators being – Dr. John Grinder, Richard Bandler and Frank Pucelik.

Each one of them had a fascination for understanding human behaviour.
In this quest, they sought to learn the methodologies adopted by geniuses in the field of psychotherapy.
They were keen to know what the geniuses do differently, which sets them apart from others.
To decode the patterns that the geniuses were implementing, they developed a technology known as NLP Modelling.

NLP Modelling enabled them to decode the behavioural, linguistic and other patterns that geniuses would use to get the results that they achieved.
By simply implementing those patterns, they too started achieving the same results which the geniuses were achieving.
Consequently, this led to the development of several patterns, including NLP techniques and tools, which they shared in their NLP workshops and NLP books.

Thereafter, the NLP Coaches and NLP Trainers worldwide too, started achieving successful results through the implementation of NLP Modelling, NLP techniques and tools.

As a result of the remarkable benefits and widespread applications of NLP, the field of NLP expanded rapidly across the globe.
Hence, there are many benefits you gain from the learnings in NLP courses/NLP trainings.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

To know more about how NLP developed, visit History of NLP.

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three Indians sitting and discussing during an NLP workshop

3. Is NLP (including NLP Tools, Techniques) applicable in my life?

As shared in the above question – “How did NLP develop?”, NLP is a modelling technology.
NLP Modelling enables anyone to decode and learn the patterns of the geniuses and leaders from every walk of life.
Consequently, this enables each individual to achieve faster and better results.

Since there are individuals in every field of human endeavor who are excellent at an activity, NLP is applicable to each person from every professional field.

Further, the NLP techniques and tools can be applied to heal and enhance every aspect of personal life as well. This includes emotional, psychological, mental and physical issues.
Therefore, I have had the pleasure of interacting and sharing NLP tools and techniques with participants from every walk of life in my NLP trainings.

Some of the professional fields which some of the participants of my NLP workshops who have benefited are:
Corporates: HR professionals, Entrepreneurs, CEO, COO, Sales & Marketing Executives.
Health Professionals: Doctors, Psychologists, NLP Trainers, NLP Coaches, Life Coaches, Nutritionists.
Educational Institutions: Principals, Teachers, Students.
Performers: Bollywood Actor and Actress, Dancers, Sportsmen/women, Athletes, Sports Coaches.
Media: Digital Marketing Executives, Voice Over Artist, Social Media Strategists.

Did you know?
The International Motivational Trainer Tony Robins, uses NLP extensively in his seminars. He was trained personally by John Grinder, the co-creator of NLP.

“The people who excel in any field are people who realise that the moment is there to be seized. That there are opportunities at every turn. They are more alive to the moment” – Charles Faulkner, NLP Trainer

4. How do New Code NLP tools work?

The activities in my New Code NLP course, such as New Code NLP Games, are designed for unleashing the wisdom and power of the unconscious mind.
By engaging in the New Code NLP tool in an enjoyable manner, the unconscious mind automatically gets activated.
Moreover, the unconscious mind automatically chooses the behaviour, state (neurology, physiology, emotion) and outcome that is appropriate in a situation in which the change is desired.

Therefore, the New Code NLP tools are designed to enable an individual to go beyond conscious limitations.
In addition, New Code NLP enables you to create choices in your life..even when and where you thought there were none.

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Abhay Thhakkar - NLP Practitioner from India

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Difference between:
a) - New Code NLP and NLP
b) - New Code NLP and Mind Power Courses
c) - New Code NLP and Healing modalities

How is New Code NLP different from NLP?

“New Code NLP is the Ferrari of NLP” – John Grinder (co-creator of NLP).

John Grinder created New Code NLP with an intention to correct the flaws which he felt are in NLP.
One of the major flaws he felt in NLP is that most NLP techniques lack the involvement of the unconscious mind. I know that you are perhaps aware that the unconscious mind is more wise and powerful than the conscious mind.

Hence in New Code NLP, there is much more involvement of the unconscious mind.

You can find more information on NLP & New Code NLP – Different?.

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a lady with a laptop in front and looking up

How is New Code NLP course different from other ‘Mind’ / ‘Power of Subconscious Mind’ courses?

The approach, methodology itself is radically very different.
Most of the ‘Mind’/’Power of Subconscious Mind’ based techniques involve the individual only to sit or stand or lie down while doing the activity.

Whereas the New Code NLP tools such as the games learnt in New Code NLP Trainings not only involve the mind but also the entire body – neurology, physiology, biochemistry- while the New Code NLP tool is being performed.

Since both – Mind and Body – are involved while performing the New Code NLP tool, the results tend to be more powerful than only using only the Mind.

Your mind, emotions and body are instruments. And the way you align and tune them determines how well you play life.”
– Yogi

How is New Code NLP different from other change based modalities such as Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression?

Firstly, NLP is not a therapy. However, it has applications in the field of therapy besides having applications in every other field of human endeavour.

Abhay Thakkar has been practicing psychotherapy for over a decade and has learnt various healing modalities, including Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression (1-year intensive course), Chakra Healing, Reiki and Family Constellation.

Applicable in Personal Relationships: What I found is that many healing modalities could be practiced only professionally. Therefore, the practitioner of the modality could not assist their loved ones much with their healing skills.
On the other hand, a New Code NLP Practitioner/NLP Coach can easily apply the New Code NLP techniques and tools on their loved ones – including kids right from age 3.

Applicable in Corporates:  The New Code NLP techniques and tools can be done content-free. In other words, the New Code NLP Coach can assist a person in overcoming issues or challenges, even without knowing the details of the situation.

As a result, New Code NLP techniques/tools can easily be used by corporates on a regular basis to enhance their lives.
Additionally, the New Code NLP Games enable the employees to achieve ‘Peak-Performance State’, which enhances their performances.
I have had the pleasure of sharing the New Code NLP tools in corporate workshops.

Enjoy! : : Another aspect that I found in healing modalities is that it lacked the element of enjoyment while receiving the healing.
On the other hand, New Code NLP tools such as New Code NLP Games work optimally when there is an element of enjoyment.

I believe that if self-growth and healing are to become a part of every individual’s life across the globe, it must have the element of enjoyment.

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“Life is a gift. It offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by becoming more”
– Tony Robbins