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Abhay Thhakkar - NLP Trainer

International New Code NLP & NLP Trainer

Abhay Thakkar is the founder and lead NLP Trainer of Transformative NLP International (T-NLP).

He is an Internationally Certified New Code NLP Trainer and NLP Trainer from India.

He is an ITA Certified Trainer and the first Internationally Certified New Code NLP Trainer and NLP Trainer in India to provide both – New Code NLP as well as NLP Certification Trainings in India which are certified by:
• John Grinder (co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP)
• Michael Carroll (co-developer of New Code NLP)
• Carmen Bostic St Clair (co-developer of New Code NLP)

Therefore, the NLP Trainings he provides are internationally recognised and the NLP certificates he gives, have value all across the world.

International NLP Trainers as Mentors

Abhay Thakkar has been learning NLP from many International NLP Trainers and NLP Trainers in India. Some of them from whom he has learnt from over 12 years are:
• John Grinder (co-creator of NLP)
• Frank Pucelik (co-creator of NLP )
• Christina Hall (co-developer of NLP)
• Michael Carroll (co-developer of New Code NLP)
• Carmen Bostic (co-developer of New Code NLP)
• Mark Andreas
• Richard McHugh also known as Dick McHugh (NLP Trainer from India)

NLP Trainer - Abhay with NLP co-founder - Frank Pucelik
NLP Practitioner certification course in Mumbai, by Abhay

Abhay’s approach as an NLP Trainer

Abhay Thakkar’s approach as an NLP Trainer and NLP Coach is more holistic than usual, thanks to his explorations in the world of various other healing modalities.
Some of them are:
• Hypnotherapy
• Chakra Healing
• Past Life Regression
• Redikall Healing
• Graphology
• Transpersonal Regression Therapy
• Family Constellation.

He was also a Hypnotherapy Trainer of California Hypnosis Institute of India (CHII/EKAA).

As a result of his extensive knowledge of several ‘change’ based (healing modalities), it has given him a deeper understanding of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Therefore, this enables him to share the intricacies of NLP patterns, NLP techniques and tools with the participants of his NLP Trainings.

In addition, Abhay often has participants in his NLP Trainings who have a background of different healing modalities.
Hence, his vast knowledge and experience enables him to share how NLP can be integrated with other modalities.

Further, his openness to learn from the expertise of participants create an environment of mutual learning and sharing.

His approach to NLP workshops is based on one of his invaluable learning from Christina Hall’s NLP Training (which he attended in Spain) which is:
“Interact with others in ways that presuppose they inherently have all the resources to accomplish outcomes. And, you as trainer serve as a guide and facilitator to support them in the process of achieving what is meaningful in their lives.”

Christina Hall with Abhay Thhakkar (NLP Trainer)
Abhay Thhakkar - NLP Trainer from India, sitting on the beach with Namaste

Experience as an NLP Coach

Abhay is passionate about facilitating transformation in people’s lives.
For over 12 years, Abhay is having a fulfilling journey of enabling thousands of people from across the globe to enhance their quality of life through his NLP trainings in India and abroad, as well as in his one-to-one sessions as an NLP Coach.

Through his NLP courses, he demonstrates working with individuals with challenges at every level – emotional, mental, physical and psychological.

Hence, the participants experience a transformation in their life – during and after the NLP course.

Besides experiencing a self-transformation, the participants become an NLP Coach (Internationally Certified NLP Practitioner/NLP Master Practitioner/ New Code NLP Practitioner).
With the International ITA NLP Certification they receive, it enables them to empower their loved ones and anyone they come across who is keen to bring about a transformation in their life.

Abhay Thakkar is inspired by the work of Dr. Milton Erickson. Dr. Erickson would often say:
“Most people walk through the world in a trance of disempowerment. Our work is to transform that into a trance of empowerment.”

Dr. Milton H Erickson

Abhay Thakkar is the founder of Transformative NLP International (T-NLP) & the only NLP Trainer in India to provide both – NLP & New Code NLP Training, certified by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic & Michael Carroll.

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Abhay's NLP Training course

Experience as an NLP Trainer

Abhay has been consistently having participants in his NLP courses who have hailed from every professional field ranging from corporates,  education, sports and performing arts.  

He was also invited as an NLP Trainer to facilitate master classes at the 1st ‘NLP Conference in India’.

In addition, he has also facilitated a master class as an NLP Trainer at the ‘Primera Cumbre Virtual Programacion Neurolinguistica’ of South America.

NLP Trainer for Corporates, Educational Institutes

Abhay Thakkar has facilitated several NLP workshops for:

• Corporates such as Varmora, Scholastic India
• Educational Institutes such as Pediatric dentists of DY Patil College, students at VJTI College, Thakur College, the staff at SNDT College
• NGO such as Khulla Asmaan
• Mumbai Police

He has even worked as an NLP Coach and NLP Trainer for over 6 years at 2 rehabilitation centers – Dr. Goel Hospital and Sunshine Wellness Rehab Centre.

Abhay with Mumbai police
Abhay with Frank Pucelik and group at the NLP course in Madrid, Spain

Learning from International Trainers

Abhay is also an avid traveler and a curious student. When he is not facilitating NLP certified trainings in India/overseas and other self-empowerment based workshops, one can find him often travelling abroad for attending NLP workshops.

He is constantly updating and upgrading his knowledge.
Consequently, the participants of his NLP workshops get the best and upgraded versions of NLP.

Transformative NLP International (T-NLP) Training Centre

Abhay’s NLP Training centre – Transformative NLP International (T-NLP) is located in Mumbai.

Besides facilitating Internationally Certified NLP Trainings in Mumbai, he has been facilitating NLP training regularly in Delhi and Bangalore.

He has also had the opportunity to facilitate NLP Trainings in Spain and Italy.

Here you can find information about his ITA certified International NLP Trainings as well.

NLP coaching session by Abhay
“There is no abiding success without absolute commitment” – Tony Robbins

What are participants saying about T-NLP Trainings:

Isha Paul - Psychologist from Delhi,
Attended NLP certification training in Delhi

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Aishwarya Ajmani - Psychologist from Delhi,
Attended NLP certification training in Delhi

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Dr. Mansoor Mirza - Homeopath from Mumbai,
Attended NLP certification training in Mumbai

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Shaiana Khanna - Psychologist from Delhi,
Attended NLP certification training in Delhi

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