“New Code NLP is the Ferrari of NLP”
- John Grinder


How is New Code NLP different from NLP?

I have often been asked – “What is the difference between New Code NLP and NLP?”

Let’s understand that New Code NLP was created by Dr. John Grinder (co-creator of NLP) in the 1980s to "rectify the flaws in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)", which he had co-created with Frank Pucelik and Richard Bandler in 1970s.

Abhay - Best NLP Practitioner from India, facilitating an NLP session at an Educational Institute.John Grinder (NLP co-founder)
a man sitting and meditating with picture depicting going within

One of the flaws being that NLP techniques and tools lacked the involvement of the unconscious mind.

Hence, in New Code NLP, the tools and techniques are designed to utilise the power and wisdom of the unconscious mind.

Another motivation for the creation of New Code NLP was that Dr. John Grinder noticed that many NLP Practitioners/NLP Master Practitioners did not apply the NLP techniques and tools on themselves.

To know more differences, you can visit the page – NLP and New Code NLP – Different?

Upgrade Yourself

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts” – John Wooden

There have been several Internationally Certified NLP Practitioners, NLP Master Practitioners and NLP Trainers in India and abroad (including Internationally certified NLP trainers including Frank Pucelik certified NLP Trainers) who have attended my New Code NLP trainings in India and abroad.

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a lady with hands stretched out during Abhay's NLP Training

The NLP Practitioners and NLP Trainers have often shared with me how much immense value they have gained from the New Code NLP Training since it has enhanced their understanding of NLP and effectiveness in NLP Coaching and NLP Trainings.

You can even find reviews by some of them at the bottom of this page and on the page – NLP & New Code NLP – Different?

How will New Code NLP benefit you?

New Code NLP enables you in the process of eliminating old limiting programming and subsequently installing new patterns at neurological and biological levels.

a lady with hands stretched out and up during NLP certification in Mumbai
a lady looking up during NLP certification course in Mumbai

The New Code NLP techniques and tools automatically enhance your emotional state, behaviour, physiology and performance in situations where you desire a change.

Hence, New Code NLP creates choices in your life..when and where you thought there were none.

My New Code NLP training is internationally certified and certified through International Trainers Academy (ITA)

Experience transformations by enjoying New Code NLP Games and many more simple ways in the Internationally Certified New Code NLP Training – certified by John Grinder.

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1. New Code NLP Games:

“You are much more than what you think and believe you are”

Many of us have heard about the power and wisdom of the unconscious mind and also agree that the unconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind.

Therefore, how would it be if you simply play games only for about 15 minutes in an enjoyable manner to access the unconscious mind?

The games, known as New Code NLP Games, can be applied to enhance or heal any aspect of personal and professional life.

a smiley ball above the rest of the smiley balls
a lady's eyes closed with sun in background

New Code NLP Games will enable you to:

• Overcome experiencing unpleasant emotions.
• Modify behavioral patterns.
• Achieve outcomes you desire.
• Enhance performances of public speaking, dance, sports, acting, etc.
• Access states such as focus, calm, peace, meditative, energetic, confidence, happiness.

John Grinder (NLP co-founder)

"Problem is not the problem, the state (neurology, biochemistry/emotions) in which you enter the problem is the problem”

- John Grinder (co-creator of NLP & New Code NLP)

Advantage of New Code NLP Games

The New Code NLP games can be played in a content-free manner too. In other words, a person need not even share with others which aspect of life he would like to address through the New Code NLP game.

As a result of the element of enjoyment and being content-free, it can be applied on family members (including kids) and each person you come across. In addition, a person from every professional background (including corporate, educational institutions, sports, psychology, coaching) can benefit from the New Code NLP games.

a happy family of parents and two children
a lady with hands stretched out during Abhay's NLP course in Mumbai

Importantly, the New Code NLP games activate a ‘High-Performance State’ and ‘Know-Nothing State’, which are vital in our professional and personal life.

In fact, in my New Code NLP trainings, participants also learn to create their own New Code NLP games.

2. Accessing the Wisdom of the Unconscious Mind

Learning ways to access the power and wisdom of the unconscious mind is a life skill with several benefits.

Some of the benefits you will gain by accessing the unconscious mind is the enhancement of intuition and clarity in decision making.

In addition, in my New Code NLP training, I also teach how to decode dreams and visions.

brains in palms
John Grinder (NLP co-founder)

"Dreams are a poetry of the unconscious mind”

- John Grinder (co-creator of NLP & New Code NLP)

3. Accessing Resources Within

The participants of my New Code NLP certification training in India and abroad, have often shared with me that through the New Code NLP training, they have easily accessed many resources inherent in them such as peace, calm, happy, joy, love, bliss, confidence, energetic, enthusiasm.

In fact, some have even shared that they have been able to access the humorous part of theirs, which was dormant since college.

two ladies laughing during NLP training course in India by Abhay

In addition, some participants looking to improve their or/and children’s focus and concentration have also found certain New Code NLP techniques from my New Code NLP workshop beneficial to do so.

Importantly, since the New Code NLP techniques are enjoyable, it allows them to implement the tools on everyone, including children.

4. Activating the Healer Within

By activating the ‘healer within’, the unconscious mind begins accelerating the healing process of a health issue.

“Natural forces within us are true healers of disease” – Hippocrates

5. Installing Filters

There are certain situations and people that affect our health and well-being.

Hence, in the New Code NLP course, I teach a New Code NLP technique, which helps us to install a filter that filters out anything that calls into question our health and well-being.

People with different smiley masks on their face
Dr. Milton H Erickson

Did you know?

It had taken Dr. John Grinder (co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP), 6 months to develop this NLP technique.

It was of importance to him to install these filters within him before he went on to do the modelling of Dr. Milton Erickson since Dr. Milton Erickson had many health issues.

The format of his NLP modelling involved a deep connection with Dr. Milton H Erickson. Consequently, it could have affected his health and well-being, had he not installed the filters before modelling.

6. Unconscious Mind as an Ally

Certain New Code NLP tools will enable you to involve the unconscious mind to enhance any aspect of your life.

a finger touching the brain
Man pressing goals on screen

7. Alignment of Goals

You will learn a New Code NLP technique to align yourself with what you truly desire in your life.

Subsequently, this New Code NLP technique has often been used by my New Code NLP course participants for:

• Gaining more clarity about the outcome.
• Being more motivated to achieve the outcome.
• Achieving the outcome.

8. Healing unpleasant Memories

A lot of philosophy revolves around ‘living in the present’.
However, what prevents us from doing so are the events that have happened in the past.
Therefore, why remain a prisoner of the past, when there is an opportunity to heal it and thereby live in the present.

Hands breaking free from chain
a lady hugging herself during NLP practitioner course in Mumbai by Abhay

What’s important to me as NLP Trainer, New Code NLP Trainer and NLP coach is that my course participants get ample opportunity and time to heal.

Hence, in my New Code NLP course, there are many New Code NLP techniques that the participants get to practice.

This provides an opportunity for participants to release the unpleasant emotions that are held in their body and mind. Consequently, the participants live a better quality of life after the NLP course.

9. Content-Free Healing

The uniqueness of NLP and New Code NLP techniques is that it can be applied with individuals who do not wish to share their issues with the NLP Coach.

Hence during the New Code NLP trainings the participants experience a transformation in their lives even without sharing their issues.

lady peeking through the window
a lady being awarded NLP Practitioner certificate

10. Learning Influential Communication

Learning an NLP tool to communicate at an unconscious level enables us to become more influential in personal and professional relationships.

11. Asking the Right Questions

Learning the art of asking the right questions is critical for eliciting the information that you would like.

Importantly, for an NLP coach, certain NLP tools are invaluable since they enable the clients to gain more clarity about their issues and outcomes.

board with questions written

12. Creating Boundaries, Saying ‘No.’

I have come across many participants in my NLP workshop who have had an issue of drawing boundaries with certain individuals.

While some have had an issue of not being able to say ‘no’ to certain individuals such as their mother-in-law, parents, boss.

Hence, to overcome these challenges, the participants have utilised the opportunity to address them in my New Code NLP workshop.

As a result, they have been successfully drawing boundaries and saying ‘no’
when they have come across similar situations after the New Code NLP workshop.

lady with hand saying no
a lady being emotional during NLP certification course in Mumbai by Abhay Thakkar

13. Letting Go Fears, Anxiety and Other Unresourceful Emotions

Certain New Code NLP techniques will assist you in releasing unpleasant emotions that are preventing you from living life fully.

During my New Code NLP certification course, some of my course participants have overcome fears such as fear of the dark and fear of a certain animal and therefore are more empowered now.

14. State Management

Certain emotions, such as anger, seem to be uncontrollable to some people. As a result, this leads to more harm than good to others as well as themselves.

The cycle of experiencing anger and consequently, guilt about the behaviour executed as a result, is a common phenomenon.

Therefore, anger is perceived as “negative” by many people since it is destructive.

a mother meditating when her children are playing
a couple arguing

However, it is important to understand that anger is useful in certain contexts (situations). In fact, not only anger but every emotion can be useful in certain contexts. Hence, it is important not to intent to completely “remove” anger and any emotion.

Therefore, the key is managing the state (emotions).

During the New Code NLP Certification Training, you are learning to manage states such as anger, by practicing certain New Code NLP techniques.

As John Grinder would say in his NLP trainings which I attended and mentored in:
“Anger is an appropriate state in an appropriate context when operated out of choice.”

15. Right – Brain Model of Coaching

A lot of coaching models, including NLP coaching, taught in other NLP Certification trainings in India and abroad, are left-brain oriented.

In other words, there is more involvement of the client’s conscious mind and less or no involvement of the unconscious mind during the coaching session.

left brain and right brain
two head joining and in betweeb a puzzle

However, many people across the globe do acknowledge the unconscious mind’s power and wisdom, so how about involving the unconscious mind as well into the coaching session?

Moreover, for a deep and lasting change to occur, the change needs to be at the unconscious mind.
Hence, the New Code NLP tools are designed in such a way that the client’s unconscious mind is also involved during the coaching.

16. Earn the International NLP Certificate

My NLP Training Institute – Transformative NLP International (T-NLP), provides New Code NLP certification trainings that are certified by ITA (International Trainers Academy).
Therefore, your certificate carries value all across the world.

In fact, the certificate that you will receive carries the signature of: John Grinder (co-creator of NLP), Carmen Bostic St. Clair (co-developers of New Code NLP), Michael Carroll (co-developers of New Code NLP) and Abhay Thakkar (myself).

Hence, it is important that the standard and quality of NLP coaches who receive the NLP certification is high.

To ensure that, there are several evaluations that the participants of my NLP certification training have to go through before they receive the International NLP Certificate from ITA.

You have to earn it!

ITA NLP certificate
a lady with eyes closed during NLP training in Mumbai

If you have not attended any NLP certification training before, then the 2 days NLP course of NLP Core Skills Training is a prerequisite.

Further, if you would like to read more information about NLP before enrolling for any NLP Trainings, you can visit NLP History and What is NLP page.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi

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Attended Certified New Code NLP Training in Bangalore

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Marta Perez Kennedy- NLP Master Practitioner and Yoga Instructor from Spain (Learnt NLP before from John Grinder & Frank Pucelik),
Attended New Code NLP Training in Madrid

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Attended Certified New Code NLP Training in Mumbai

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a participant of Abhay's NLP course in Mumbai, with eyes closed

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