NLP Core Skills


Although the name of this NLP training is “NLP Core Skills”, what you can expect to learn from this training course is Life Skills.

Each person benefits from this NLP training since there are several NLP techniques and skills that can be applied practically daily by each person to live a more fulfilling life.

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One of the significant aspects of this NLP training course is that it is designed to make you a professional communicator – a key to experiencing more fulfilling and harmonious relationships with not only others but also with ourselves.

Further, this 2 days NLP Training provides an opportunity to those who are keen to experience learning NLP even if they have read “what is NLP?“.

“Communication is to relationships what breathing is to living” -Virginia Satir

NLP Core Skills lets you Experience Fundamentals of NLP through simple NLP Techniques applicable in daily life.
Become a Professional Communicator through this NLP training.

1. Learning Influential Communication

Learning certain NLP techniques will enable you to communicate with another person’s unconscious mind subtly.
Consequently, creating more influence and impact through your verbal and non-verbal communication.

“Learning NLP enables you to move into another person’s world to change their world.”
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2. Releasing Unpleasant Emotions Attached to Traumas/Memories/Situations Within Just 15 Minutes.

Over the past several years, I have done numerous NLP coaching sessions in the NLP certification trainings, rehabilitation centres and at my training centre.

One of the NLP technique which I share during this NLP training, has assisted many individuals in overcoming even an emotion with high intensity.
I have had a high success rate in using this NLP technique for assisting individuals to overcome traumatic memories.

John Grinder (co-creator of NLP) has even applied this NLP technique successfully on tsunami victims in Japan.

Besides NLP Coaches and NLP Trainers, anyone who has the desire to help others to overcome painful memories, can use this powerful yet simple NLP technique easily.

Moreover, an advantage of this NLP technique is that it can be applied in a content-free manner. In other words, the client/person on whom this NLP technique is being applied, need not even share the memory.

Therefore, this gives the NLP Practitioner the flexibility to work on clients who are not comfortable sharing their issues with anyone.

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two ladies enjoying NLP training in Mumbai by Abhay Thhakkar

(A lot of my participants who have attended this NLP training in India and abroad have often shared with me how much they have benefited from this NLP technique. They have been successfully applying this powerful and simple NLP technique on others and are achieving high success with it.)

3. Reducing Miscommunications

Miscommunications can often happen in relationships, which can become the cause of damaging or even breaking relationships.
Hence, clarity in communication is a key aspect of a healthy relationship.

Therefore after learning an NLP tool in this NLP Training, you will be more clear in communication and reduce miscommunications. Thereby you will have more harmonious relationships.

Brian Tracy, an International Motivational Speaker, has shared further on the importance of effective communication.

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4. Giving Personal Opinions & Professional Feedbacks

Giving opinions and feedbacks to another individual is essential for their personal and professional development.
However, although the intention for giving an opinion and feedback could be positive, it may not be received well by another person.

Hence, there is an art of giving constructive feedbacks and opinions through which they become more acceptable.

Besides, practicing this art also ensures that respectful relationships are maintained and even enhanced.

5. Calibrating

“Calibration is the mother of all NLP skills” – John Grinder

An essential Neuro Linguistic Programming skill of an NLP Training is calibration.
For instance, calibration plays a vital role in applying NLP techniques and tools since many techniques can be executed in a content-free manner.

In other words, the client need not even share details of a situation they would like to address during an NLP coaching session to gain benefits of a coaching session.

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a participant of NLP course in Mumbai, with eyes closed

‍Moreover, besides its application in NLP workshops, it has many benefits outside the NLP training room.

Enhancing your calibration
(observation skills) allows you to take in more information from the world around you.
As a result, you can accelerate gaining knowledge and skills.

As Frank Pucelik (co-creator of NLP) would often share in his NLP certification trainings which I attended-
“The world is not in your head, it is outside your head”

6. Creating more Rapport

We like people who are like ourselves.
However, there is a beauty in differences since there is a lot to learn even from those who are not like ourselves.
Therefore, building a rapport even with them enables us to evolve further in our life.

In addition, the method of building rapport taught in this NLP Training, can also be applied when there are conflicts in personal and professional relationships.

And of course, this NLP tool can also be applied to strengthen further the existing harmonious relationships.

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7. Enhancing Understanding of Yourself & Other People

Each one of us is communicating not only verbally but also non-verbally. Our verbals and non-verbals reflect many aspects of our personality, including some aspects we may not even be consciously aware of.

Certainly, through NLP tools, we can know many aspects of a personality through not only verbals but also non-verbals.  
Consequently, this can enable us to create a deeper rapport.

In addition, through NLP tools, we understand ourselves more as well.

“The more you know yourself, the more patience you have for what you see in others” – Eric Erickson

8. Accessing & Operating through Resourceful States

Learning NLP techniques will enable you to access and operate through resourceful states whenever you wish.
Accessing resources at will empowers you to be much more than what you think you are.

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A Prerequisite for New Code NLP Training

Many NLP Practitioners, NLP Master Practitioners and NLP Trainers in India and abroad, in spite of having learnt NLP before, still choose to attend this NLP training.

In addition to my unique training style, some of the contents they learnt in this NLP Training, they had not learnt in the previous NLP Trainings which they had attended.

You can find some of the formats of this NLP Training and other NLP Trainings on the page, NLP Workshop Design.

Further, this NLP Training is also a prerequisite for
New Code NLP training if a person has not attended any NLP certification training before.

A participant of Abhay's NLP certification course in Mumbai
“It’s not about achieving the goal. It’s about who you have to become to achieve the goal. The juice is in the growth”– Tony Robbins

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