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“Success comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it”
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Each individual strives to improve their quality of life and become more successful than they are.

In this quest for growth and development, how would it be if that can be achieved through enjoyment, which involves just by playing games regularly for 15 minutes!

Just Play Games (New Code NLP Games)!

The smiley balls have been the stars of numerous New Code NLP coaching sessions I have done. This includes one to one sessions with clients as well as participants of my New Code NLP certification trainings.

I simply play New Code NLP games with clients and course participants, and it brings about a transformation in their lives.

This includes healing all kinds of emotional, psychological challenges/issues
that a client goes to a psychologist, psychotherapist or NLP coach for.

Abhay with smiley balls in the air
a happy smiley ball above other balls

The smiley balls are used as part of a New Code NLP game.
Similarly, there are many New Code NLP games in which different elements are used.

Experience unleashing the power and wisdom of the unconscious mind by enjoying New Code NLP Games in the Internationally Certified New Code NLP training.

Experience the magic of New Code NLP Games


‘Content Free’ Healing in NLP Coaching Sessions

At times clients are not comfortable expressing certain issues in the beginning.
In such cases, it usually takes some sessions just to build rapport so that clients become comfortable expressing themselves.

However, with New Code NLP tools, we (New Code NLP coaches) can work with the client’s issues even ‘content free’.
In other words, the person need not share any details about the issue.

Therefore, this approach allows a lot of flexibility in an NLP coaching session. Importantly, the client still gains the same benefits he would get if he reveals the issue.

NLP Therapy session with NLP coach
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‘Content-Free’ Healing during New Code NLP Trainings

I believe the biggest gift you can give to yourself is to live in the present by healing the past.

Therefore, my New Code NLP certification courses are designed for healing, self-growth and self-development.

There have been many instances in my New Code NLP courses when participants have healed their deep issues. This includes grief experienced due to the loss of a loved one and other such personal and professional challenges.

In addition to the New Code NLP Games, there are several New Code NLP tools that are designed for healing.

In fact, there have been many participants who have attended my New Code NLP Certification course for their own personal healing.

Not just issues… Enhance Performances too, with New Code NLP Games!

What I like about the New Code NLP games is that it need not only be used for the purpose of healing. They can also be used to enhance skills and performances.

The games are designed to unleash a High-Performance State.

Therefore, even professional dancers, actors, public speakers, athletes can benefit from New Code NLP Games. Even though they already excel at performances.

A man holding a winning medal
many ladders with one ladder touching the bullseye

Did you know?

Eder dedicated the final goal, which he scored for Portugal in Football Euro Cup to his New Code NLP coach.
As Eder shares, his New Code NLP coach played a huge role in boosting his performance in Euro Cup,2016, which Portugal won. In addition to dealing with personal setbacks, the New Code NLP coach helped him achieve a Peak Performance State with the New Code NLP Games.

To know more you can read further about Application of NLP for Sports.

How do the New Code NLP games work?

The New Code NLP games are designed to unleash the power and wisdom of the unconscious mind. Moreover, the unconscious mind automatically selects the behaviour, state and outcome for the person.

By the end of playing a New Code NLP game, the client enters the state which John Grinder (co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP) refers to as the ‘High-Performance’ state and ‘Know-Nothing’ state.

This approach enables an individual to go beyond the conscious limitations set by himself/herself.

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an Indian man - NLP Practitioner- dressed in suit

Effectiveness of New Code NLP Games in Coaching

What gives me the most satisfaction of facilitating the NLP Trainings is the applications of the NLP tools by my course participants.

Following are some of the cases reported by the participants of the NLP Coaching they have been doing with New Code NLP Games:

After failing the CA examinations 3 times, I was completed demotivated. So I went to a New Code NLP Practitioner. During the session, I played New Code NLP games through which I experienced a transformation and a boost in my emotions.  This propelled me to pass the CA exam.

- A client of my course participant who attended my New Code NLP training in Mumbai.

I am a high court judge. I would feel restless when I had to sit and hear the cases. After playing the New Code NLP games, I am able to sit and hear the cases for even 3 hours without feeling restless.

- A client of my course participant who attended my New Code NLP training in Delhi.

New Code NLP Games in Training

I have facilitated more than 35 New Code NLP Trainings in India and a few abroad as well.
What fascinates me is the widespread applications that the New Code NLP Games have. Importantly, its effectiveness as well.

Following are few of the feedbacks received by course participants of my New Code NLP Certification Training:

I’m in the healing field for the past 10 years. I have been looking for an answer for the past 10 years and I never did get an answer. By just playing the New Code NLP game once in the New Code NLP course, I got the answer I was seeking.

- Course participant who attended my New Code NLP training in Mumbai.

After playing a New Code NLP game just once in the New Code NLP course, I felt the urge to write poetry, which was a skill I stopped practicing 30 years back. Ever since then, I have been writing poetry regularly and I experience a lot of joy by doing so.

- Course participant who attended my New Code NLP training in Delhi.

I have been into meditation and spirituality for 30 years. I experienced the same meditative state by playing the New Code NLP Game for 12 minutes that usually takes me 40 minutes of meditation.

- Course participant who attended my New Code NLP training in Mumbai.
a man sitting and meditating with picture depicting going within

Heal and Enhance your Life with New Code NLP

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Need not Work on ‘Limiting Belief’ with New Code NLP Techniques

The approach taken by many psychologists and coaches (including NLP coaches) is to address the belief systems (also known as ‘limiting beliefs’ in NLP certification trainings).
The limiting beliefs are what prevents an individual from enhancing or healing the aspects of their life for which they have come for the sessions. The psychologists and coaches often spend effort and time in the sessions to address those beliefs.

(There are some NLP techniques and tools too taught in NLP trainings for addressing ‘limiting beliefs’)

However, through New Code NLP games, it bypasses the need to work on ‘limiting belief’.

The cases shared above of the participants of my New Code NLP trainings and them as NLP coaches, did not involve working directly on the ‘limiting belief’ and the results were still achieved.

Secondary Gains

Often what can prevent bringing about a change in life is a secondary gain.
Secondary gains are the additional benefits an individual gets by having an issue rather than healing it.

On many occasions, the secondary gains operate at an unconscious level. Hence, an individual may not be aware consciously of the hidden benefits he is gaining from not healing an issue.

a happy Indian family
a teenager with eyes closed during NLP certification training in Mumbai by Abhay Thakkar

For example:

A child gets unwell often and is always shown to the best doctors but still gets unwell.

Perhaps, there is a possibility (if it is not related to a medical issue), that it may be due to a secondary gain.
The secondary gain here could be that the child gets a lot of attention and love when he is unwell, which he doesn’t get when he is healthy.

Therefore, to gain attention and love, he keeps getting unwell.

Bypass Secondary Gains with New Code NLP Games

Hence, when psychologists or some NLP coach notices that the change is not happening in the client despite several techniques and tools being applied, they feel there are some secondary gains the client is getting.

Although to address the secondary gain, some NLP techniques and tools usually taught in an NLP certification training can be applied.

In fact, some questions that can be asked to find the secondary gains are mentioned on the page ‘Well Formed Outcome‘.
Well Formed outcome is a tool from NLP and not New Code NLP.

To know the difference between NLP and New Code NLP, visit – NLP and New Code NLP – different?

an Indian boy jumping with arms stretched
a lay with hands stretched out and experiencing freedom during NLP certification course in Mumbai by Abhay

However, the beauty of the New Code NLP games is that we can facilitate a change even if there are some secondary gains.

As far as the individual is open to playing the New Code NLP game, the secondary gains are automatically addressed, and thereby the changes take place.

Healing is not fixing

Importantly, the New Code NLP games are also in sync with the philosophy of healing.

Specifically –
‘healing isn’t about fixing’ but it’s about the healing happening at the highest and best good for the person.

a person meditating with a radiant aura

Do you wish to experience the New Code NLP games?


Healing – A part of our lifestyle

What happens if we eat junk food every day?
Our body will not get the required nutrients and consequently, our body and mind will be affected.

Hence, we need to keep an eye on what we eat to live a healthy life.

In the same vein, when the mind is not as ease, it creates disease. Therefore, healing our unpleasant emotions and working on our mind on a regular basis is integral for our health and well-being. Importantly, it needs to become a part of our lifestyle.

Wellness and illness board sign
a lady laughing during NLP course in Mumbai by Abhay

However, not many people are choosing to do so on a regular basis even though they are aware of what I have stated above.
I believe the reason is that there is less element of fun in the activities that are commonly recommended to follow.

Hence, there is less motivation to practice them on a regular basis.

However, by playing New Code NLP games regularly for approximately 15 minutes – which has to be enjoyed – an individual can heal the emotions and enhance the body as well as the mind.

NLP Techniques – A Gift to Family

For over a decade, I have learnt various healing-based modalities such as Transpersonal Regression, Past Life Regression, Family Constellation, Inner Child Healing.

During the trainings, we, as coaches/therapists, were advised not to do healing/coaching for family members.
Appropriately suggested, since family members may not be comfortable revealing their issues. And even if they do, the coach/therapist can get affected.

Consequently, with this approach, therapy/healing can be done only as a profession.

a happy family of parents and two children
Child on toes of father

However, the dearest for many people is the health and well-being of their family members.

Therefore, with New Code NLP tools such as New Code NLP games, the New Code NLP Practitioners are empowered to help out family members as well.

New Code NLP
techniques and tools can be done ‘content-free’. As a result, the issues need not even be shared by the family member.

In addition, since the activities of New Code NLP involve having fun, it becomes easier even to convince family members to get involved in them. Thereby, they too will gain benefits.

Create your own New Code NLP Games

In my New Code NLP workshops, participants also learn the components of New Code NLP games. In fact, in the New Code NLP workshop itself, they create their own New Code NLP games as well.

Knowing the components of the New Code NLP game allows the participants to create New Code NLP games for just about any individual including children above 4 years of age.

This gives an opportunity for every individual to avail of the benefits of a New Code NLP game.

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Internationally Certified New Code NLP Trainings of Transformative NLP International (T-NLP)

My NLP Training Institute – Transformative NLP International (T-NLP) is the only NLP Training Institute in India to provide both – International NLP certification courses as well as International New Code NLP certification courses in India which are certified by:

• John Grinder (co-creator of NLP)
Carmen Bostic St. Clair (co-developer of New Code NLP)
• Michael Carroll (co-developer of New Code NLP)

In addition, the NLP Certificate awarded to participants of NLP Trainings, has value across the world.

Since they are of International Certifications and of ITA, certain standards are followed in the NLP Trainings.

For instance, the duration of my New Code NLP certification trainings is more than 35 hours, as per the recommendation of International Trainers Academy (ITA).

Benefit of New Code NLP Training

Moreover, this intensive training format ensures that you will gain extensive knowledge and practice of New Code NLP techniques and tools. Further, this format provides an opportunity for self-healing and confidence as an NLP coach.

As an NLP Trainer and New Code NLP Trainer, I ensure that my NLP workshops are designed for self-healing.

Since I believe that the biggest gift you can give to yourself is not to be a prisoner of the past and to live life to your highest potential.

To know more visit:
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“Never stop learning, for when we stop learning, we stop growing” – Loyal Lewman.

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