What is NLP?

“NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience”

Co-Founders of NLP:

John Grinder (NLP co-founder)
John Grinder
co-creator of NLP
Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP)
Richard Bandler
co-creator of NLP
Frank Pucelik (NLP co-founder)
Frank Pucelik
co-creator of NLP

Origins of NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) began its life as a modelling technology in the 1970s, when the co-creators – Dr. John Grinder, Frank Pucelik and Richard Bandler, embarked on their legendary work in capturing patterns of geniuses inherent in 3 psychotherapists-

• Fritz Perls (founder of Gestalt Therapy)
• Virginia Satir (Family Therapist)
• Dr. Milton Erickson (Hypnotherapist)

The co-creators of NLP decided to model Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir and Dr. Milton Erickson since each of them got successful results consistently in psychotherapy.

Hence, the co-creators of NLP considered the three psychotherapists as models of excellence.

Subsequently, since models of excellence are not limited to the field of psychotherapy, they went on to model excellence inherent in individuals from every field of human endeavor.

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Abhay Thhakkar - NLP Practitioner from India

What is NLP?

“NLP is the study of excellence”

Hence, NLP is a modelling technology through which we understand and learn the difference that makes the differences between the performances of a ‘genius’ and an ‘average performer’ in the same field of human endeavor.

NLP Modelling enables us to decode how people organize their thinking patterns, feelings, language and behavior to produce the results they achieve.

As a result of extensive NLP Modelling, several patterns in the form of NLP techniques and tools have been developed, which are taught in the NLP Trainings worldwide.

The patterns of the geniuses decoded through NLP Modelling, along with the NLP techniques and tools, are designed to heal and enhance any aspect of our personal and professional life.

Since there are models of excellence are in every field of human endeavor, NLP can be used by anyone who desires to enhance their quality of life.

Hence, people from varied backgrounds who have benefitted from my New Code NLP/NLP workshops include – CEO of companies, heads of HR, sales & marketing executives, professional athletes and sports enthusiasts, professional dancers, homemakers, psychologists, doctors, college principals, teachers, corporate trainers, professional actors/actresses.

To know further how NLP was developed, visit History of NLP

a participant of Abhay's NLP course in Mumbai, with eyes closed
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Did you know?

Many celebrities across the world have been using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to enhance their quality of personal and professional life.

Some of them who have publicly credited NLP for the change in their life are Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo Di Caprio, Sophie Dahl, Lily Allen, Gerri Halliwell, Jimmy Carr, Russell Brand and Serena Williams.

“NLP is a life changer. You lose nothing and gain a great thinking process” – Frank Pucelik
“Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) identifies a connection between the neurology, language and behavioural patterns that we learn through experiences. If used properly, it can be restructured to achieve specific goals.” – John Grinder
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Let’s understand the term – Neuro Linguistic Programming.


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Neuro Pathways
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Definitions of Neuro Linguistic Programming

“NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a methodology for – explicitly mapping and tracking human experience – for the purpose of modelling, communicating more effectively and creating changes.”

- Michael Carroll (co-developer of New Code NLP)
“A modelling technology with a specific focus on the set of differences that make the difference between the performances of a ‘genius’ and an ‘average performer’ in the same field of activity.
The objective of modelling is- to explicate in a transferable and learnable way, those set of differences. The core activity of NLP is a mapping of tacit knowledge into an explicit model.”

– Dr. John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair in their NLP book – ‘Whispering in the Wind’.

Origin of New Code NLP

“New Code NLP is the Ferrari of NLP” – John Grinder

From the late 1970s, John Grinder stopped working with Richard Bandler and Frank Pucelik.

In the 1980s, John Grinder teamed up with Judith DeLozier and then with Carmen Bostic St. Clair to develop New Code NLP, which he regards as ‘the Ferrari of NLP’.

John Grinder (NLP co-founder)
a person teaching Neuro Linguistic Programming course to a group of people sitting

John Grinder had often noticed that many NLP Trainers and NLP Coaches were efficient in their facilitation of NLP Trainings and NLP Coaching but were not applying the NLP tools and techniques on themselves.

Hence, one of his intentions to develop New Code NLP was to create ways in which the NLP Trainers and NLP Coaches also improve their own life while they were applying the NLP techniques and tools on others.

What is the difference between NLP and New Code NLP?

John Grinder’s intention to develop New Code NLP was also to rectify the flaws that he found in NLP.

One of the major flaws in NLP – NLP techniques and tools, is that there is more involvement of the conscious mind than the unconscious mind. Just like people across the globe, Dr. John Grinder too acknowledges that the unconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind.

Abhay Thhakkar - NLP Practitioner from India
a person's brain

Hence, in New Code NLP – New Code NLP techniques and tools, there is much more involvement of the unconscious mind.

For instance – the New Code NLP Games. The New Code NLP Games are designed in such a manner that they unleash the power and wisdom of the unconscious mind.

Therefore, this approach of New Code NLP enables an individual to go beyond the conscious limitation set by himself/herself.

Create State Choices in New Code NLP Trainings

Another major aspect of New Code NLP is that New Code NLP techniques address at the level of ‘state’ (neurology, biochemistry/emotion) rather than the behaviour.

Whereas in NLP, most of the NLP techniques address at the level of behaviour.

Since the ‘state’ is at a higher logical level than behaviour, by addressing the state, the behaviour gets addressed anyway.

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As John Grinder often shared in his NLP trainings which I had attended as a participant and mentor:

Problem is not the problem, the state in which you enter the problem is the problem”

To know more, you can read about the difference between NLP & New Code NLP.

New Code NLP and NLP Trainings of Transformative NLP International (T-NLP)

My NLP Training Institute – Transformative NLP International (T-NLP), provides NLP certification trainings as well as New Code NLP certification trainings which are internationally certified.

Moreover, the participants of my NLP certification courses and New Code NLP certification courses in India and abroad receive their certificate which carries the signature of co-creator of NLP – Dr. John Grinder as well as co-developers of New Code NLP – Carmen Bostic St. Clair and Michael Carroll.

The NLP certification trainings are provided through the International Trainers Academy (ITA).

Group picture of NLP course in Bangalore by Abhay
NLP Trainer - Abhay with NLP co-founder - Frank Pucelik

I have also had the privilege of being a mentor in the NLP Certification Trainings (including New Code NLP course and NLP Trainers Training), which were facilitated by Dr. John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St.Clair and Michael Carroll.

I have attended NLP Core Skills and NLP Master Practitioner Training from Michael Carroll as well.

Besides those trainings, I have attended NLP Trainings (NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainers Training), which was facilitated by Frank Pucelik (co-creator of NLP). As well as NLP Trainings (including NLP Master Trainers Training) facilitated by Christina Hall (co-developer of NLP).

Besides directly learning from them, I have attended several NLP trainings in India for over ten years.

As Richard Bandler says in his NLP workshops:

“In life, you are given a bag of moments. You don’t know how many you have. Learning NLP is about maximizing those moments.”

Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP)
Introduction to NLP - Book


Some recommended NLP books for those who are new to the world of NLP:
• The Ultimate Introduction to NLP – Richard Bandler, Alessio Roberti and Owen Fitzpatrick.
The Origins of Neuro Linguistic Programming – John Grinder and Frank Pucelik
• Get the Life You Want – Richard Bandler

For further reference, read What is NLP by Robert Dilts (co-developer of NLP) and in-depth of What is NLP?

If you are someone who would like to experience “What is NLP” over 2 days before you attend other NLP trainings, you can first enroll for NLP Core Skills Training.

“By changing nothing, nothing changes"

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